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Explore Graduate School

Explore Graduate Schools

Around 30% of each senior class pursues a graduate program in a variety of disciplines immediately following graduation from Wake Forest. Even though you’re not going straight into full-time employment we can still help you research, apply to, and practice interviews for graduate programs.

1.   Meet with an Adviser

If you’re interested in going to graduate school for Law, Medicine, or Allied Health, contact the pre-law, pre-health or pre-allied health advisers to learn more about how best to prepare for those graduate programs.

2.   Find a Program

Begin your graduate school search with research on various graduate degrees, programs and schools. To start this research check out to learn about different schools and their admissions processes or use one of the many graduate school research resources available to you through our office.

3.   Research Application Timelines

Click here for timelines of the graduate schoolpre-law and pre-med application timelines.

4. Prepare for Admission Exams

Once you determine where you’d like to apply, determine the admissions requirements for each program. While some programs will require that you’ve completed various academic coursework, every graduate program will require that you take an admissions exam like the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT. Use the information linked here to learn more about these exams and how best to prepare.

5. Personal Statements and Interview Prep

Throughout your graduate school research and applications feel free to schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your graduate school options. In additional to our regularly scheduled resume and cover letter reviews we also review personal statements and essays for graduate school and can help you prepare for your interview with a graduate school mock interview. Don’t miss out on all of the resources our office has to offer and the many ways we can help you as you explore graduate school programs and the career possibilities that come with an advanced degree.

6. Paying for Graduate School.

Interested in pursuing a graduate degree? Can you afford to attend? CashCourse offers students resources to discover how to pay tuition, and compare costs and loan options.

Before proceeding to the following financial resources, please create a free account on Cash Course using your WFU email address. Read about financial assistance and other ways to pay for graduate school. Determine the annual net cost for school and calculate how much your loan payment will be after graduating.

Watch a video about finding extra money for school.

Another important factor to consider when making your decision is student loan repayment. Be knowledgeable and understand your options. Click here to learn more about repaying student loans after graduation and starting your career.