Where to Look for a Job

We highly recommend the many resources listed below and are confident that these websites can help you find new and exciting opportunities in the fields that interest you. Remember, finding an open opportunity is only half of the battle. Networking plays an integral role in both finding and landing job opportunities and you will also need a well-targeted resume and cover letter and solid interview skills to help you land the job. You can also use our list of location specific resources if you know where you want to move after graduation.

Handshake is the best resource to begin your job search. This hub for career-related information allows you to check out, apply for, and set up interviews for jobs, some of which are only available to Wake Forest students. Fill out your profile with your interests and receive targeted emails with information and job opportunities available in those careers. From on-campus recruiting to a wealth of job opportunities, Handshake is your central location for convenient and valuable information and opportunities.

Tired of searching on companies’ websites for job postings? Indeed.com is one of the most convenient ways to search online for a job! By offering you a concise list of job postings in your field and area of interest by combing companies’ websites for job listings, Indeed.com does the hard work for you. Use your skills or interests to help narrow down your options and find a variety of jobs looking to hire you in your geographical area of interest.

Are you beginning your job search and need help identifying companies of interests as well as contacts within the company to network with? CareerShift can help! CareerShift  provides a  unique set of integrated job hunting tools that allow you to find companies to work for, find jobs available inside those companies, and find names, addresses, and profiles for people inside those companies. CareerShift stores your information so you can continue your search from any computer, day or night.  To create an account simply click on the image above and register using your Wake Forest email address.

Thinking about working abroad after you graduate? Use Going Global to learn about international job opportunities and hiring rules and regulations in different countries. Click on the Going Global logo to access a world of information. If you are off-campus, please use VPN to access this resource.

Intern Sushi provides both interns and companies with a multimedia platform to share their stories. It encourages companies to present themselves to interns with the same transparency they seek in their applicants. Its digital profiles bring passion to life through videos, portfolio items and references. After all, human history is a series of stories well told, and the key to unlocking one’s career potential is the ability to create, shape and communicate his or her story. Click here to create your own free account.

*The following sites are password protected. Just sign-in to Handshake, and click on the “Online Resources” link available on the left side of the page.

Are the performing arts in your future? ArtSearch is a great place to search for jobs related to the performing arts — theatre and musical performance, direction, scenic arts, development, and administration.*

Interested in a career for the betterment of the human condition? Access positions related to human rights both in the U.S. and abroad at Human Rights Jobs.*

Want to make a difference in the public sector? Find job opportunities in health, human services, environment, economics and national security at Policy Jobs.*

Check out positions in political parties, campaigns, lobbying groups, public affairs, and political consulting at Political Jobs!*