Explore Majors

Deciding on your major or choosing a career can be a challenge. Here are a few words of advice to help you choose.

1) Selecting a major is not the same as choosing a career!
Sure, there are a few careers, such as accounting, computer science, or nursing, that do require a specialized degree, but your major is just one aspect of your qualifications that you can offer an employer. No matter what your major is, it is important to complement your educational experience with internships, volunteer work, and other extracurricular activities. Employers are interested in your skills and abilities, not just your major. Majoring in a certain area also does not require you to choose a certain career. Music majors can become physicians, history majors can become journalists, and biology majors can become actors.

2) Pursue a major that interests you and one in which you excel academically.
Students usually make the best grades in the classes they enjoy the most, so why not choose a major that you actually enjoy? An excellent GPA will also afford you greater career opportunities.

3) Research and explore various majors.
Consider all possibilities. Don’t rule out a major just because you’re not sure it will lead to a good job. At a liberal arts university such as Wake Forest, the purpose of your major is not to prepare you for a specific job, but rather to prepare you for life by developing skills such as reading, writing, researching, and critical thinking that are important in any profession. A few ways to explore various majors can be found below: