Practice Interviewing

Have a big job or internship interview coming up and not sure how to prepare? Like any good athlete, you need to practice before going into the game! Let us assist you in making a strategic game plan for acing your interview and landing the job.

Here are the ways we can help you prepare for your interview:

Looking to nail your next interview? Log in and practice with InterviewStream, a website built to help you develop strong interview skills. With access to over 1500 interview questions, Interview Stream gives you the chance to customize your own list of interview questions and record your answers – just like a mock interview in the Career Development office. Play back your video and see what you should focus on to knock your next interview out of the park.

Mock Interviews
Have an internship or job interview coming up and need to prepare? Trying to prepare for your graduate school interview? Practice with a live mock interview in our office. This targeted practice interview uses your real job description or a job description that interests you to help you answer the questions you’ll see in the real interview.

Our experienced career counselors want to prepare you for an upcoming interview by giving you the most effective and helpful feedback possible.  To ensure that you leave your mock interview session feeling confident and ready to ace your interview, we need you to follow a few steps prior to your mock interview:

Informational Interviews
The best way to learn about a career is to talk to someone who’s actually in it every day! Use your friends, family, and professional network to find people in your fields of interest to talk to. Check out our networking information to learn more details on informational interviews.