Video and Telephone Interviews

Video Interview Tips

Video interviews using software such as Skype or WebEx are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are a few tips for video interviews:

  • Interview in a quiet place. Remember that the interviewer can see what is behind you, so try to have a solid background. Sitting in front of a blank wall is least distracting to the interviewer.
  • Make sure your computer, webcam, and VoIP software are working properly before the interview begins.
  • Dress in interview attire.
  • Maintain eye contact by looking at the camera and not at the computer screen. Don’t lean in too close to the camera. Sit up straight and don’t fidget or touch your face or hair.
  • Relax and speak clearly. Smile and be enthusiastic.
  • If the connection is lost during the interview, remain calm and simply call the interviewer back and explain what happened.

Telephone Interview Tips

Employers often conduct first interviews by telephone.

Here are a few tips for telephone interviews:

  • Interview in a quiet place.
  • If possible, use a landline phone and temporarily disable call waiting.
  • Keep these items at hand: copies of materials you have sent the interviewer (resume, cover letter, writing samples, etc.), information you have received from the organization, a “cheat sheet” of research information you have gathered about the organization, a list of your significant experiences and skills that you wish to communicate, a list of your questions about the organization and the position, pen and paper.
  • Consider standing throughout the interview. It will help you project energy and reduces the risk of sounding too casual over the phone.
  • Smile and be enthusiastic.