Sophomore Year

Choose your Major and Career Direction
Trying to decide on your major or career path? Learn more about yourself and what majors and careers might interest you by taking our recommended assessments. Even if you know your career direction, take an assessment to confirm your decision. Learn about career paths on Meet with a Career Counselor to talk through these important decisions and develop preliminary career goals and your Personal Career Action Plan.

Once you’ve identified your career interests, take them for a test-drive. As you declare your major, there are many ways for you to gain valuable experience and perspective regarding the path you are considering.

Update Handshake

Update your Handshake profile when you declare your major or change your career preferences. Updating your profile will help us keep track of your interests and we can keep you up-to-date on relevant career event and opportunities.  Don’t miss out on opportunities with an outdated profile!

Search for Internships

Employers want to see work experience on your resume and this summer is the perfect time to intern in a field that interests you! Check out your options now to make sure you have plenty of time to apply. Opportunities are posted throughout the year on Handshake and internship databases like UCAN and

Research your Study and Internship Abroad Options
Look into study abroad programs that fit your academic, career, and/or personal interests.  Showcasing international experience and related skills is an asset to your resume and looked upon favorably by employers. In fact, some study abroad programs provide internship opportunities in the host country as a part of the curriculum.  Use the resources provided by the Center for Global Programs and Studies as your starting point. Check out Goinglobal and our internship resources for internship listings.

Strengthen your Resume
Update your resume and LinkedIn profile to include First Year activities and summer jobs. Building a strong resume is key to demonstrating your unique skills and work experience to employers. Get involved on campus and take on leadership roles to make your resume stand out. Check out our Skill-Building Directory to learn about how your on-campus involvement translates into skills that employers are seeking. Visit the OPCD to have your resume and LinkedIn profile reviewed.

Gather Career Information
Continue gathering career information by:

  • Job shadowing an alumnus or family friend during school breaks.
  • Conduct at least three informational interviews with others in your field of interest.
  • Research and apply for summer internships, jobs, or volunteer experiences.
  • Watch and sign up for Career Trek opportunities.
  • Attend employer information sessions and career development workshops.
  • Attend on-campus career and graduate school fairs. Talk with representatives to gather internship, career, and industry information.

Prepare for Interviews
To get the real scoop on a career path that interest you, set up an informational interview with a recent Wake grad or another personal contact. When it’s time to prepare for an interview, check out Interview Stream and practice by yourself in your dorm room, or meet with a career counselor for a mock interview. Remember, a first impression is a lasting one.

Career Courses 120, 220 and 320
Take Career Courses EDU 120 and 220 to learn more about yourself and the career options that align with your interests, values, and strengths. Register for EDU 320 (to be taken your Junior Year) to learn how to professionally market yourself to employers.

In order to develop clarity, competence, and confidence in your career goals, reflecting on your experiences periodically and regularly will ensure that you make sound decisions about your academic, extracurricular, career and life choices. Review and answer these questions on the attached Word document at the end of each semester and at the end of your sophomore summer.