Impress employers before you ever shake their hand by creating a flawless resume. Market your skills and experience so your potential employer can quickly see what you could bring to their organization. Use our Skill-Building Directory to make connections between your on-campus involvement and the skills that employers are seeking.  Although your resume should be tailored to your specific opportunities here a few helpful hints you should always incorporate regardless of the internship or job.

  • Keep your resume to one page.
  • Use 10 to 12 size font in a professional style (no colors or fancy fonts).
  • Include job title, organization, location, date, and a description of the skills you gained from each of your experiences in reverse chronological order.
  • Make sure you’re positive and honest about your experience, skills and capabilities.
  • Proofread – your punctuation, grammar and syntax must be flawless.
  • Start each bullet point with an action verb. Check out our list of resume action verbs to make sure you use meaningful and descriptive verbs.

Here are a few resumes to help you get started regardless of your major. If you’ve never made a resume before or aren’t sure what to include, check out our resume writing worksheet.

  • Resume One: this resume is a great example for first year and sophomore students with limited internship or leadership experience.
  • Resume Two: this resume highlights study abroad experience as well as relevant coursework.
  • Resume Three: this resume is a great example if you have leadership experience or participated in the Summer Business Management Program.
  • Resume Four: this resume shows you how to best format an experience where you held multiple positions and also includes science lab skills and research skills.
  • Resume Five: this resume shows how best to highlight extracurricular involvement like sports.
  • Resume Six: this resume focuses on experience in the visual arts and museums.
  • Resume Seven:  this resume is targeted to the performing arts. If you are a performing artist, fit resume on 8 x 10 paper and staple to back of headshot.
  • Fraternity Resume Samples: this worksheet shows how best to highlight your fraternity involvement and leadership.
  • Sorority Resume Samples: this worksheet shows how best to highlight your sorority involvement and leadership.
  • Graduate Student Resume

If you’re an undergraduate in the School of Business, these additional resumes are tailored for you:

As a graduate student employers might require a Curriculum Vitae (or a CV). To learn more about writing your CV, click here.